Toddler Shoes

Whether your child is new to walking or already steady on their feet we have a fantastic selection of toddler shoes here at Inch Blue. We know how playful and full of life your little ones are at this age, so we think their clothing should be reflective of their joyful personalities. That’s why here at Inch Blue, we have shoes for toddlers in a range of styles and themes. From animal shoes to polka-dot baby shoes there’s something for every taste and interest.

At Inch Blue, your child’s foot health is our priority. Our soft leather Inch Blue shoes are designed to replicate the benefits of barefoot walking to allow your child’s foot to develop naturally and outside of restrictive footwear. And, to keep your toddler’s shoes securely on their energetic feet, our shoes feature elasticated collars. Browse our range of shoes for toddlers below to find the perfect pair for your little one.

All of our Inch Blue shoes for toddlers can be worn by both little boys and girls, however, some of our designs have been made with more typically masculine or feminine styles and interests in mind. Our range of baby girl shoes features baby bunny shoes, baby daisy shoes and baby unicorn shoes amongst a selection of other beautiful designs and patterns.

Toddler shoes for boys

Inch Blue baby boy shoes are available in an extensive selection of playful styles. Choose from transport shoes for baby boy tractor enthusiasts, baby fox shoes and more adorable designs right here. A number of our shoes for toddlers also feature friendly characteristics that are sure to make your little chap smile.

Personalised shoes for toddlers

Add a touch of personalisation to your toddler shoes and add their name or a memorable date to the collars. Not only does this make for a sentimental keepsake, but also a meaningful gift for any little ones in your family. 

If you require any more information about our toddler shoes or help with your order, contact us today to hear from our friendly team.