Foot Health

When I became a Mum I had no idea how to parent. Like most I learnt as I went along. By the time baby number 4 joined the gang I was so chilled and laid back because I wasn’t scared of doing things wrong, happy finding my path with each baby and realizing what worked for one didn’t for the other. Take breastfeeding as an example I fed them all and was given varying advice each time. Baby number one breastfed like a dream, the others were not so easy so through trial and error I gained experience and knowledge. I also read lots of books and talked to other mums. I was only 19 when my eldest was born and will never forget how magical it felt...holding her, drinking in her new-born perfection and feeling that wave of primal protection. She was tiny and her feet were adorable. Soft and squidgy they got kissed a lot. Back then and we’re talking over 30 years ago I just bought shoes that were cute without thinking about foot care for babies. It was only when I had my second child and I was making baby shoes myself that I started understanding the importance of foot health and the impact shoes can have on developing feet. “We love your babies feet” is part of our logo and it means we are totally focussed on what’s best for little toes. A new-born baby foot is the sweetest sight, it evokes powerful emotions. It’s pure, small, fragile and we feel utterly protective of the little bundle of joy attached to those perfect little toes. We wouldn’t dream of doing anything that would be harmful to our children. Yet foot health is not something that we hear about. We talk about breast feeding, teething , nappy rash, weaning ,immunisations and other baby stuff but not about foot health. Feet are precious and they carry us for a lifetime. Did you know that the bones in feet are soft flexible cartilage which harden over time but don’t develop fully until your late teens. It’s important to look after and protect them throughout your life and the earlier you start the better. There are lots of things you can do which will give your baby the best start and shoes are a crucial part of the journey. Inch Blue design shoes that are the next best thing to bare feet.