Sheepskin Nap & Play Baby Rug


Our signature “Cloud” sheepskin rug is super stylish, luxe and totally gorgeous! Good looks aside sheepskin is a natural wonder product with so many great benefits for babies.*Our rug is synthetic free made from 100% pure Merino Wool with a short pile ideal for newborns.*It's REACH certified so safe and ethical for your baby and the environment.*Hypoallergenic Hero - proven to reduce allergies and asthma it's kind and gentle and won't irritate sensitive skin.*Breathable with natural thermostatic superpowers that keep baby cosy and snug in winter and as cool as a cucumber in summer.*Soft and nurturing - studies have proven it can help comfort and settle babies and improve their sleep. Big Yes here!*Multi Use - Perfect for Nap and Playtime at home or on -the-move. Ideal for crib, bassinet, playpen, buggy, stroller or car seat.*Naturally antibacterial and self-cleaning it repels dirt /mould and draws moisture away from delicate skin.*Every sheepskin is unique with its own natural characteristics so colour, pile and size can vary slightly.Presented in a reusable cotton bag100% Merino Sheepskin


Inch Blue shoes are recommended as the next best thing to bare feet. Made from soft leather they allow feet to breathe. Shoes are light and flexible so little feet can move freely without restriction. Soft soles allow pre-walkers to feel and grip the ground, helping them develop a sense of balance. The elasticated ankle makes them easy to put on and stay on.

Suede Vs Rubber Soles

Suede soles are non-slip, lightweight and are ideal for babies, crawlers and pre-walkers. Suitable for indoor and light outdoor use in dry conditions.

For walkers we have added a layer of natural rubber to our suede soles that is super flexible so doesn’t restrict movement and still allows them to grip the floor. Our ‘Gripz’ rubber soles offer an extra layer of protection for toddlers and are more durable for outdoor use in damp conditions.

Size Guide

We recommend you always measure the length of your child’s feet.

Age is listed as a guide but all children are different.

The gap between the big toe and end of shoe should be 8mm - 14mm.
(if less than 8mm the shoes are too small)
Download our printable size chart

Shoe collars can be personalised with a name, nickname or special message.

Enter text in the left AND right box.

Letters will be printed in capital letters.  Special characters such as commas and diacritics can be lost in the leather grain so please consider this when entering.

Do not enter hearts or suchlike as they won’t be printed.

Here is an example of how the text will appear on the shoes.


  • Recommended for indoor and light outdoor use in dry conditions.
  • We do NOT recommend that our printed shoes are worn outside on abrasive surfaces like concrete when a baby is crawling or using a baby walker as dragging toes on rough surfaces may cause damage to the print.
  • Rubber soles can withstand damp conditions.
  • Avoid getting wet or muddy.
  • If shoes do get wet stuff with paper and dry naturally.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Avoid exposure to prolonged direct sunlight, this will cause colours to fade over time.
    We recommend using a suede brush on the suede parts ie soles and motifs. Do NOT use a suede brush on the leathers uppers.
  • APPLIQUE Designs
    Clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe. 
  • PRINTED Designs
    Clean with a damp cloth only. DO NOT use wipes as some can remove colour. Hand sanitizer/oil based liquids and creams will stain them.
  • They are designed to protect little feet on the move and the print will wear and fade on areas which are dragged across floor surfaces particularly on toes. This is normal and means our shoes are doing a great job!