How To Keep Your Baby Cool in Summer

How To Keep Your Baby Cool in Summer

As the sunshine comes out, it brings with it lots of lovely opportunities to take little ones outside and enjoy the garden, go to the park, or beach picnics. As adults we love the sun, but babies are prone to heat-related illnesses because their bodies haven’t yet learned to regulate their own temperature efficiently. The warmer summer weather leaves many wondering how to keep baby cool in summer.
If you’re a first-time parent or grandparent, it can be a worry. It’s so important to ensure that their health and well-being is your number one priority when temperatures soar. This blog shares tips on how to navigate the heat at home or on holiday and keep your baby safe, happy, and healthy all summer. 

How to keep a baby cool in hot weather

When it comes to keeping your baby cool, the first thing to consider is appropriate clothing for the warmer weather conditions. Fresh, light, breathable fabrics like gentle cotton and soft linen should be the first choice for warmer days when you want to help keep babies relaxed and comfortable. 
Textured natural fabrics like seersucker are a bonus, cleverly woven with an uneven surface to keep fabric away from the skin, dissipating heat and enhancing air circulation. 
Cotton and linen naturally woven fibres let air circulate and this airflow can be further enhanced by the type of garment you choose. Babies can get sweaty and distressed if they are overdressed or bundled up in too thick or too tight clothes or layers, so pick just one easy piece with a loose fit. 
Lightweight garments like onesies, wide-fitting shorts and breezy dresses are perfect to allow for increased airflow and keep your baby from feeling the weight and warmth of heavy fabrics.


Which colours keep baby cool in summer?

Keeping baby cool in summer is easier if you pick out light-coloured clothing and baby accessories from baby’s wardrobe. Just like the whitewashed villas in hot countries, lights and bright whites will reflect the heat of the sun, effectively preventing your baby’s body temperature from rising. Avoid darker colours like black, brown, and navy which tend to absorb the sunshine and make them susceptible to overheating.
Pastel shades, like tinted neutrals, icy blues and pale yellows make up a perfect heat beating palette to keep your baby feeling cooler for longer. Natural comfort is key so always prewash summer baby clothes so the woven fabrics feel soft and gentle and won't irritate your baby's delicate skin. 


Keep baby cool in hot weather with baby sandals

When the temperatures soar, we all want to kick off our socks and shoes and get some air to our feet. Babies are no exception. Summer is a great time to give their little toes some wriggle room and airy breathing space with a pair of soft-soled baby sandals
Choosing the right summer baby shoes can further help keep baby cool, especially if you choose baby sandals with cut-out detail for ventilation to allow for maximum airflow around your baby's feet. This type of design helps keep babies cool and prevents sweaty little toes and discomfort.


Sandals in natural materials are best to keep babies feet cool

 Inch Blue baby sandals, crafted in flexible natural materials like suede and soft leather, not only bend and move with your baby's foot, mimicking barefoot walking, but also help keep your baby’s feet cool and dry thanks to their breathable, heat-beating properties.

Warmer weather might be the perfect time for those wobbly first steps on the grass and baby sandals with cutaway detail and a soft elasticated ankle offer a secure fit and light support. 
Baby sandals are perfect for summer bringing air flow to breezy toes so your little explorer can stay cool and enjoy developing movement in comfort and style.


Staying hydrated keeps babies cool in summer

 Hydration is key to preventing heat-related illnesses in all humans, not only for babies, but us too. And just like us, babies sweat to cool down. But their tiny bodies lose fluids faster, making them more prone to dehydration. 
Keeping you and your baby hydrated is crucial during hot weather, especially if you’re breastfeeding, so make sure you take on plenty of water as you’re their source of great natural hydration. 
In addition to staying cool in the right clothes and choosing shady spots under a canopy of trees or sunshade, make sure you offer your baby plenty of fluids. Whether it’s breast milk, formula, or water, offer sips throughout the day to keep their hydration levels topped up.
Summer might be the perfect time to introduce a sippy cup filled with cool, but not icy water. Babies might not show obvious signs of thirst so be proactive and offer fluids throughout the day, especially during playtime, outings in the heat or naps when they might be prone to overheating. 


How to recognise signs of overheating in babies

Babies are vulnerable in so many ways and the heat is no exception. Unable to communicate thirst or dehydration, it’s essential to monitor your baby for signs of overheating. Symptoms to watch out for:


  • If your baby's skin is flushed, hot and red to the touch, especially their cheeks and forehead then they’re overheating and need moving to a cooler space and rehydrating.


  • Sweating is a natural response to external heat, but if your baby’s hair is damp this might be a sign of excessively sweating so, it's time to cool your baby down.


  • If your little one is usually happy and smiley but becomes uncomfortable and fussy outside of their normal times of hunger and sleep then this may be a sign of early overheating as babies become cranky and irritable in excess heat.


  • Less wet nappies and minimal tears can indicate dehydration due to excessive sweating, also a sign of dehydration and overheating.



  • Rapid, fast, or shallow breathing can be a sign that your baby is struggling to regulate their temperature so remove them from the heat immediately and take steps to help your baby cool down. 

Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry. If you spot any of these signs, take action straight away to cool your baby down and seek medical attention if required.


Keeping babies cool and comfortable with Inch Blue

To sum up, keeping baby cool and comfortable when temperatures rise is common sense. Choose cool, natural fabrics like cotton and linen in non-restrictive shapes like onesies in light, heat-reflecting shades. Stay in the shade out of direct sunshine, don’t stay out too long and seek out a breeze.

Choose soft breathable Inch Blue baby shoes to prevent sweaty feet and ensure both you and your baby stay well hydrated throughout the day. Follow these simple tips and hints to help keep your baby cool and hydrated and to make the most of their summer adventures!