Christening Outfit Ideas for Your Baby

Christening Outfit Ideas for Your Baby

Your baby's christening is a special occasion that you'll want to remember forever and a big part of the magic comes from dressing your little one in a beautiful outfit. With so many options available, however, it can be tough to decide upon the right attire.

In this blog post, we'll provide you with some inspiration for christening outfits for both boys and girls. We'll also cover some important factors to consider when making your decision, such as the season, the location of the ceremony, and your baby's comfort. We also take a look at personalised christening shoes which look adorable and act as a memento that you can treasure for the rest of your life!

Traditional elegance

For centuries, christenings have marked a momentous occasion in a child's life, a celebration of faith and family. And just as the ceremony itself holds a special place in tradition, so too does the attire chosen for the little one. 

Traditional christening gowns and rompers offer a timeless elegance that goes beyond trends, creating a look that is deeply meaningful and memorable.

Imagine your baby swaddled in a gown of the finest cotton, adorned with delicate lace accents with intricate embroidery, each stitch carrying the weight of heritage and love. Satin ribbons shimmer softly, adding a touch of sophistication. These are the hallmarks of traditional christening pieces that tell a story not just of the day, but of the values and traditions it represents. 

Modern style

Looking for something a little more contemporary? Embrace a fresh perspective with modern christening outfits that strike a beautiful balance between style and comfort.

Your little one can strut their stuff in a soft linen romper, adorned with delicate embroidery or subtle pops of colour. Opt for neutral tones like ivory or beige for a timeless feel or embrace bolder hues like dusty rose or mint green to reflect current trends. If you want to make changing a breeze, you should also go for adjustable straps or snap closures.

Adding a personalised touch

Christening outfits are already precious, marking a momentous occasion in your child's life. By adding a touch of personalisation, you can weave their story and your love into the fabric of the day! Here are some ways you can personalise your baby’s christening outfit: 

  1. Initials, their full name, or even the date can be stitched onto baby’s christening shoes, gown, romper, or bonnet. Shoes are a particularly good idea as this is something small and compact you can save away in a drawer to treasure.
  2. Do you have a cherished piece of fabric or lace passed down through your family? Incorporate it into your baby's christening outfit. For example, you can use the lace trim from a grandmother's wedding dress to adorn the neckline or a silk handkerchief from a great-aunt could become a delicate pocket square. 
  3.  Does your baby have a nickname, a birthstone, or a favourite animal? Let these elements inspire unique embroidery or details on the outfit. 
  4. Consider hand-stitching a special element onto the outfit yourself! It could be a simple initial on a pocket square, a delicate flower on a bonnet, or even a personalised message hidden inside the garment. 
  5. Personalisation isn't limited to the outfit itself. Design custom stationery with your baby's name and christening date for thank-you notes or create a unique centrepiece featuring their initials or birth flower.


Seasonal considerations 

For warm, sunny christenings, prioritise lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk blends. Opt for flowy gowns or romper styles that allow for plenty of air circulation and consider delicate lace accents or pastel colours to add a touch of elegance. Remember, comfort is key, so avoid stiff fabrics or restrictive designs that might make your baby fussy. 

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and a shift in colour palettes. Embrace the season with richer hues like burnt orange, emerald green, or deep plum. Layer a soft knitted cardigan over a lightweight dress or opt for a romper with long sleeves and cosy leggings. Natural fabrics like wool or cotton blends provide both warmth and breathability.

For winter christenings, prioritise warmth and comfort above all else. Opt for thicker fabrics like wool, cashmere, or fleece. Look for gowns with long sleeves and full skirts, or choose a romper with tights and a sweater set. Don't forget cosy accessories like booties, mittens, and a warm bonnet.

Spring weather can be unpredictable so be prepared for both sunshine and rain. Choose a lightweight fabric like cotton or linen, but opt for a style with long sleeves and a full skirt for coverage. Pack a waterproof bonnet or jacket just in case and be sure to get some water-resistant leather booties.



Choosing the perfect christening outfit is just the beginning. To truly elevate your little one's look and create a picture-perfect memory, the right accessories are essential. Think about:

  • Adding a touch of vintage charm with a dainty bonnet in lace, linen, or silk. Opt for soft ties or an elasticated back for comfort.


  • Adorning their tiny heads with delicate headbands adorned with bows, flowers, or pearls. 



  • Using shawls or a soft wrap to keep your little one cosy.


  • Adding a brooch or a simple bracelet for a touch of elegance.  


Completing the christening look

Put the right foot forward on your baby’s big day with our range of adorable christening shoes. Designed to look cute and be comfy, always, these are the perfect complement to whichever style you opt for for your baby’s outfit.