This lovely little video shows our gift packaging...

Inch Blue shoes and accessories are a lovely gift to give or receive. Imagine getting a pair of fresh shoes that have been personalised for a new born. You can even add a matching pair for the sibling or maybe a cute coin purse for their special little treasures. Whatever you buy there are times when you want all the bells and whistles to make your gift a little bit extra!

Our gift packaging is designed from recyclable paper and with no branding on the box it can be used for re-gifting. It goes against every "branding principle” not to have your name emblazoned all over packaging but we've really been thinking outside ...the box!!  What's important? For us we are as passionate about the planet as our products so we opted for eco packaging that can be used to re-gift and re-gift until it's time to let mother nature do her thing.

We don't even use tissue paper we just keep it simple with a lovely gift card in a branded envelope! Gotta get our name somewhere!!

This lovely little video shows our packaging and the cute baby who received them taking first steps. The shoes are a bit too big so her Mummy ordered a smaller size because she loved them so much!