Customer Stories - Simone Mama to Evie

By Rhiannon Owen
We love hearing from our customers especially when they send us photographs of their little ones wearing Inch Blue shoes.
The many lovely messages from you guys make us smile and sometimes tug our heartstrings and we had a lightbulb moment! Let's share customer stories here we thought. So here we are.
Tell us about your memories...... Were Inch Blue your babys first ever shoes.....did they take first steps in them ....what was their favourite design....tell us a funny story...did you pass them on to siblings or friends....have you given them as gifts .
Send your photo and story to We will send a voucher to everyone who shares and if we post your story a complimentary gift of your choice will be sent .
Our first story is from a lovely lady called Simone mama to Evie. It touched us all and was the inspiration to start this story blog.
Simone & Evie
'So 6 years ago I had my daughter ... At 8 weeks old I nearly lost her to sudden infant death syndrome .I was told no walking no talking nothing basically because of brain damage. When she was about 4 months old I purchased a pair of your shoes for her they were light pink with grey elephants on the front and honestly that's one thing I do remember because most of that time was a blur for me .I don't remember much from the age of newborn to about 3:(
I kept the little bag her shoes came in for all this time till today when I tried looking for it and all I could remember was that the name has "blue" in there somewhere !! now I have a 5 month old baby boy and actually amazed that your still here and I am so genuinely excited that I can buy some of your amazing shoes for him now !!

So thanks for making a very emotional mother happy!'
Thanks for sharing Simone've made us feel emotional and happy too.