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What's it all about?

Hello and welcome to the Foot Health Blog.

It's a platform where we can talk generally about baby and kids health and share expert advice about feet!  We love them ...small ones, chubby ones, even smelly ones.

Our feet are the parts of our body which get the most wear and tear. They're our foundations as we use them to stand, walk and run so it really makes sense to look after them. We fall in love when we become parents and one of the sweetest sights is a tiny newborn foot.  Good foot health starts at birth where we can learn to nurture feet through each developmental stage.

The Inch Blue Soft Sole is lightweight and flexible perfectly designed to give the best start as they protect delicate tiny toes from the cold and allow wiggling toes unrestricted movement essential for natural growth. We have introduced foot health to give you advice, tips and information about growing feet. We will recommend brands and products we love, share interesting baby related topics and answer any questions you may have. We are hoping that it will teach you things you didn't know that you can put into practice and share with your friends.