It's cool to be kind

By Rhiannon Owen

We live in the digital age where information is instant and global awareness is cultivated from an early age. I was 18 when Bob Geldof passionately urged people to "give us your fecking money " at the iconic Live Aid concert. I didn't know there were kids starving to death and I didn't know I was growing my first baby.
I'm a mother to 4 now and not living in a bubble of oblivion. There is so much good in our world and yet so much horror and sadness too. Lots of us do what we can and support personal charities and other worthwhile causes. Inch Blue helps whenever we can... by way of product donations for auctions. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”  Winston Churchill
Recently Sandra Webb organizer for the Kenya Orphanage Santa Fund asked us to donate a pair of shoes for Imani who is 7 months old. She's the sweetest little thing. We chatted about the orphanage and the 30 children who live there and offered to send a pair for every child. Designs were chosen, sizes confirmed and we shipped them with great pleasure.
The whole team were delighted to see the photos sent by Sandra of the little ones wearing inch blues. Those smiles are everything.
If you would like to support these gorgeous kids, Sandra has created a just giving page to raise funds for Christmas Presents.
If you are a charity or fundraiser and need product donations email . We'd love to help.